Welcome to MongoliaVisa.Com This website contains all the information you need about getting a Mongolian visa, including different types of visa, requirements, places to apply for the visa and fees. We also have a detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions.

A visa is a document which allows a foreign citizen to travel into a specific country and stay there for a set period of time. Generally, a Mongolian visa is issued at the Mongolian Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s home country or nearest third country. In some cases, if there is not Mongolian embassy in your country, it is possible for some travelers to obtain a visa at the Mongolian border. This is applicable to citizens of certain countries only so you should check the visa waiver section of this website first.

Mongolia has reciprocal agreements with certain countries that waive visa requirements. It is important to research visa requirements before traveling internationally to avoid any issues with border control officials and airlines. If a destination country requires a visa and the traveler does not have it in his/her passport, the airline may refuse to board this person on the plane.
There are 13 different types of Mongolian visa issued to foreign citizens by Mongolian authorized organizations to enable them to enter Mongolia on different purposes. Please see more details on Visa Types section.

Figures released by The National Tourism Center of Mongolia show that there has been a 50.9% increase in the number of tourists arriving in Mongolia in the first six months of 2010 over the corresponding period last year.

Most foreign visitors and travelers to Mongolia thereafter tend to continue traveling to our neighboring countries of Russia and China. In this regard, we also included herewith Information on Russian and Chinese visas as well.

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